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    The traditional 5,000 year old healing system from India

A place for Purposeful Transformation

Ayurveda (A sister science of Yoga) : Consciousness based approach to Health & Lifestyle


You can receive personalized energy healing, prayer, meditation to help you get back on track.  This is helpful when feeling overwhelmed, gone through an emotional breakup, loss or upset.  Get guidance and coaching on finding peace in your life.



PANCHAKARMA: This 5,000 year old healing system from India can offer you a new beginning no matter if you are dealing with emotional grief, physical issues or feel challenged mentally.




Feel ALIVE, ATTRACTIVE AND AWAKE from inside out.  Mind, Body and Heart alignment brings flow. Meditation branches from Yoga and having the knowledge of your energetic system (Chakras) brings PEACE, PROTECTION & Inner POWER.


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Geeta Priyadarshni Arora is an Ayurveda & Yoga Practitioner.

She is a former corporate executive who helps people breakthrough their limiting beliefs to live on purpose with health, wealth & happiness. Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and given 1 month left to live, she healed herself with Ayurveda in 3 weeks without any pharmaceutical intervention. In the process, she crossed over with her spiritual Guru. The transformative experience led her to heal others.

She believes it was divine grace that led her to her purpose in sharing Ayurveda with the world. She is committed to conscious change and bring hope.  Her book Divine Delight: A Spiritual Healing Journey to Consciousness, Ayurveda & Yoga is available on Amazon.

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